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Can CryptoLocker Infect Shared Drives, Files, PCs?

Infopackets Reader Michael C. writes: " Dear Dennis, I have a USB drive attached to my router. This drive is shared by several computers through the router on my home private network. My question is: if one of my computers became infected by a file ... locking virus such as CryptoLocker , would the network drive or the connected computers become infected or encrypted? If so, is there a way to prevent this? " My Response: It is possible for a virus to self replicate and infect other computers on the network, but that depends on the type of virus. At the time of writing, CryptoLocker is not a self ... (view more)

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Why you Should Not Rely on a Disk Clone as a Backup

Infopackets Reader 'Mike' writes: " Dear Dennis, [Regarding your post about the TorrentLocker Ransomware virus , I would like to hire you to help me set up a backup on my system to help keep me protected against such threats. As for my question, I ... have a Windows 7 Lenovo desktop with a 1 TB internal hard drive] ... I want to clone my internal hard drive to an external hard drive , maybe once a week. I then want to reverse clone the hard drives [in case I get hit with a virus like TorrentLocker] ... It seems intuitive that [when I clone the hard drive for backup, that] both hard drives should ... (view more)

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