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How to Download Free Windows eBooks on Infopackets

Infopackets Reader Jim H. writes: " Dear Dennis, I'm trying to download the free eBooks online your website (such as the Windows 8 Guide eBook , the PC Maintenance Handbook , and the Windows 7 Pocket Guide , etc), but I'm having trouble. When I ... click on the orange 'Request Now' button to download the book, it is asking me for my name, a business email address, my company name, etc. Why do I have to enter all this information? How do I download the free eBooks? " My response: The answer to this is two-fold, and I'll try and break it down. Note that I've also ... (view more)

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Tenebril LifeGuard 3.0 Review

Synopsis: How do you manage your personal information? Do you back it up once a day, once a week, once every month? Never? The fact is: system crashes happen, viruses strike, and Spyware is difficult to avoid. You may not think about backing up ... important documents every day, but when you need it -- you *really* need it! Introducing Tenebril Lifeguard 3.0 -- an automated backup solution designed to take the guesswork out of protecting your data. Don't get caught without it! LifeGuard 3.0: How it works Lifeguard is designed to blend power with ease of use. Its document-centric interface lets ... (view more)

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