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Eudora Rises From The Dead

Eudora is back from the dead. Take that news to any English class and they'll likely think you're referring to famed author Eudora Welty. However, in tech circles Eudora is a well-known email program owned by Qualcomm Inc. (Not surprisingly, it was ... actually named after the author) In the mid-'90s, Eudora was one of the most popular and widely used programs on the Internet. However, it soon got overshadowed by the email software Microsoft bundled with Windows. Web-mail sites -- such as Hotmail and Yahoo Mail -- also took a chunk out of Eudora's market. After many rocky years in the marketplace ... (view more)

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An Email Client Better Than Outlook Express?

Infopackets Reader Francoise D. writes: " Dear Infopackets Team, Many thanks for your great web site! I recently read an article that said that Outlook Express (OE) does not reclaim empty space after an email permanently removed from the Deleted ... Items folder. The article went on to say that only compresses its folders when it reaches a certain point (whenever that is). This bothers me because I get a lot of mail, and I hate to think that although the emails are deleted, the space is still being wasted. Do you know of other email programs that handle their folders in a more practical and ... (view more)

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