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'Right To Be Forgotten' Dropped Outside Europe

Google has won a major victory over "right to be forgotten" rules . When it agrees to delete 'outdated' search results, it will no longer have to do so outside of Europe. The latest ruling is part of a long running saga that began when European ... courts tried to find a balance between the competing rights to free speech and privacy. It all began with a Spanish man whose house was forcibly sold to settle a debt - an incident that was reported in a local newspaper. Eleven years later he asked the newspaper to delete the archived report, saying it was the top search result for his name and the ... (view more)

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Columbus' Dirty Little Secret

Little bit worried about that one-night stand last weekend? Don't thank your partner -- he or she are probably never going to call you again, anyhow -- but instead think on one of America's most celebrated explorers. In a surprising and fascinating ... new study, researchers have discovered that Christopher Columbus or one of his men likely introduced syphilis to Europe. Unlike today, syphilis was not just a common and annoying ailment during the fifteenth century. When it reached Europe during the twilight of the 1400s, it spread quickly amongst randy Europeans, eventually killing thousands. ... (view more)

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European Invasion: iPhone Arrives Overseas

Apple has finally brought the iPhone, or perhaps just the rights to one, to Europe. While the iPhone won't officially go on sale until November, those who were in attendance at the unveiling said that the multi-modal phone is already being ... well-received by the public. Seemingly every major mobile network operator from Europe's most influential cities have lined up for their chance to hold the exclusive rights to the product when it hits retail shelves in just a few months. As it stands right now, O2 will hold the exclusive rights to the product in Britain, while Telefonica will bring the ... (view more)

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Sony Brings Television to PS3 and PSP

Good news for European gamers: Sony is bringing television to PS3 and PSP, thanks to its joint venture with British Sky Broadcasting. 'Go!,' which is set to launch early next year, will allow users to download videos to their gaming system. Sports, ... entertainment, movies, music and animation programming will be available from Sky, in addition to some third-party content. Another product called PlayTV will allow users to record television programs and then transfer it to a PS3 or PSP. Unfortunately, the new service will only be available in Europe. Europe and the US use different systems to ... (view more)

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