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BBC Publishes 'Right to be Forgotten' Archive

British news agency BBC has published a list of its articles which are no longer linked to through Google, due to a controversial European law. The move means that the people who requested the pages be removed may have actually made things worse. ... The situation involves the " right to be forgotten ", a policy introduced last year by the European Court of Justice . It rules on those laws that apply across the 26 countries that are part of the European Union. The policy applies in cases where people want pages with embarrassing, outdated or privacy-threatening information about them ... (view more)

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Proposed Law Blocks Firms From Hiding Hacks

An estimated 40,000 businesses and organizations could find themselves legally bound to report any cyber security breaches they've suffered. The idea is to share information about cyber threats and increase the chances of catching hackers. The rules ... have been proposed by the European Union and would affect organizations across that continent. Companies from the United States and other countries that operate in Europe might also be covered by the rules. (Source: ) The firms involved include banks, power companies, and medical facilities. The European Union has determined that a ... (view more)

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Firefox And Company May Get Windows 7 Exposure

Microsoft and the European Union have agreed to a compromise to their ongoing disagreement over the default use of Internet Explorer in Windows. Buyers of Windows 7 on the continent will be offered a choice of browsers at start-up, though the ... changes may not be made in time for the system's release. The European Union has not officially made any final decision on whether Microsoft has breached any competition rules by including Internet Explorer -- and only Internet Explorer -- in Windows. That verdict does seem extremely likely and the only real question at this stage is what punishment ... (view more)

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Intel EU Antitrust Fines Could be Huge, Rumored This Week

Chipmaker Advanced Micro Devices' (AMD) complaint to the European Commission (EC) about its competitor's practice of encouraging retailers to sell their own processors has ended with a significant fine against defendant Intel. The ruling is expected ... later this week. Back in 2001, AMD filed complaint against Intel, claiming that its rival in the x86 microprocessor market had violated antitrust law by pushing retailers to sell its own hardware over AMD-based computers. Intel did so through retroactive rebates that ultimately saved retailers and customers cash -- but according to AMD, it came at ... (view more)


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