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Yelp to Label 'Racist' Businesses Online

Review site Yelp is to highlight businesses that have been accused of racist behavior. Critics argue the policy is open to malicious abuse. Yelp says over this summer it has noticed a surge in reviews which warn users of racist behavior. However, it ... believes many of these may be written by people reporting to social media or news reports of such activity, rather than from their own experience of using a business. According to Yelp, it needed to change its policy to deal with two issues. The first is that its rules only allow reviews based on first-hand experience. The second is that it ... (view more)

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'Nvidia GeForce Experience 1.5.0', and 'Mozilla Firefox 22.0 Beta'

Nvidia GeForce Experience 1.5.0 Keep your Nvidia GeForce graphics card up-to-date with this handy new tool. It allows you to download the latest drivers for your graphics card with a single click -- even better, you don't have to leave your PC's ... desktop to initiate the process! http://www.geforce.com Mozilla Firefox 22.0 Beta Here's your chance to test out the next version of Mozilla's Firefox Internet browser way ahead of everyone else! You'll get a sneak-peak at all the performance, customization, and security improvements. You can then offer Mozilla feedback that will help them build a ... (view more)

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Online Holiday Shopping? Read Dennis' Top 10 Recommendations

With over 30 years in computing experience, I'm often asked my opinion about computer hardware. Questions like, "What can I do to speed up my computer?", or "What type of laptop should I buy?" and things of that nature. Like anyone else, I love a ... good deal. In order to find the best deal possible, sometimes I spend an entire day shopping online to compare prices and features of similar components. Unfortunately, many of the "recommendations" I've read recently appear to be forged for the sake of making a sale, which means there's an awful lot of time wasted wading through ... (view more)

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Nintendo Profits Plummet 52%; Game Maker Rips Wii

For the first time since its release three years ago, the Nintendo Wii appears to be slipping up. Nintendo, which has for the past three holiday seasons stolen the spotlight from competitors Microsoft and Sony, recently cut its forecast for the tiny ... white and previously uber-popular console. 52 Percent Decline In Q4 In a statement released late last week, Nintendo admitted an astounding 52 percent decline in profit for the last quarter. As a result, the company decided it must cut its operating profit forecast for the year to March 2010 by a quarter, to 370 billion yen, or $4.7 billion USD. ... (view more)

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