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How to Fix: Could Not Update System Reserved Partition (Windows 10)

Infopackets Reader Steve S. writes: " Dear Dennis, I am trying to install Windows 10 Threshold 2 version 1511, release 10586 / 1511, otherwise known as 'Th2_release Professional 10586' through Windows Update, but I keep getting an error when it ... tries to install. The error message states 'We found some issues. Select this message to fix and finish updating.' I clicked the link and received another message, stating 'Could not update system reserved partition.' So, now the update won't install and I can't upgrade my Windows 10 to the latest version. Can you ... (view more)

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How to: Force Download Windows 10 Fall Update

Infopackets Reader Frank T. writes: " Dear Dennis, Thanks for your ongoing coverage on Windows 10. My question is: how can I download the Windows 10 Fall Update (version 10586) to my machine? It downloaded automatically onto my laptop, but not my ... main PC. I searched online on how to download Windows 10 Fall Update but came across conflicting reports, some of which worked and some that don't. Can you help? " My response: I also did some research on this as I was having the same issue. My server PC downloaded Windows 10 Fall Update but none of my other PCs did, even though everything was ... (view more)

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