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Explained: How to Use Roboform (Step by Step)

Infopackets Reader Renate L. writes: " Dear Dennis, Thank you so much for helping me with my computer with your remote support service. You are life saver! Question: you recently installed Roboform to help me remember my passwords, but I'm afraid ... I've made a mess of things. For example, I somehow managed to save 3 different Roboform logins (passcards) for my online banking site - and none of them work! I'd like to fix this so I have 1 working login, otherwise I'm going to be really confused moving forward. Is it possible for you to put together a brief how-to guide on how to use Roboform? I'd ... (view more)

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Updating a Table of Contents

In my last article I discussed building a table of contents using custom styles. This article will show you how to build on that information. As you continue to edit your document and add headings, you'll periodically need to update the table of ... contents. As noted in the preceding section, the table of contents is a field, meaning that Word created it for you based on the styles in your document. Word gives you four ways to update a table of contents, so choose the method that works best for you: Shortcut menu. Alternate-click anywhere in the table of contents and choose Update Field from the ... (view more)

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Filtering Data in MS Excel

A single data list may contain records that fall into several categories or groups. Depending on the size of the data list, it may be difficult to focus on all of the records that belong to a specific group. Data filtering in MS Excel enables the ... user to work with a subset of data within the data list. When a filter is created, only the records that contain the values specified are displayed. Other records in the data list are hidden temporarily. AutoFilter is an automated filtering tool included in Excel. When AutoFilter is applied to a data list, the column headings change to drop-down list ... (view more)

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Create and Modify a Form: MS Word

Forms, such as contracts and applications, are standard text documents with form fields inserted throughout where you fill in the blanks. You can create forms that will be used on screen, or printed and filled out on paper. Typically, you save the ... form as a template. Saving the form as a template offers two main advantages: it can be reused without changing the original and it's easier for the user to fill it in. Follow the steps below to create a form: Launch MS Word if it isn't already open. Start a new, blank document. Type in the standard headings and text that will appear in each ... (view more)

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