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US, Israel Use Flame Virus to Target Iran: Report

According to a new report, the governments of the United States and Israel were jointly responsible for crafting and turning loose the new Flame virus . The apparent goal of the project: to disrupt Iran's nuclear weapons program. The report about ... the origins of Flame was published in the Washington Post, which indicates that Flame was originally designed to act as a cyber weapon that could help its creators acquire "sensitive" information from the Middle East region. Flame Project Known as "Olympic Games" The overarching project that ultimately yielded Flame, known as "Olympic Games ... (view more)

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Flame Hackers Kill Own Malware with Suicide Module

The creators of the Flame virus now appear to be attempting to remove it from the computers it has infected. This bizarre move from hackers, who normally seek to increase rather than decrease the number of machines their code infects, may be part of ... a belated attempt to prevent further analysis of how Flame works. The existence of Flame was announced late last month by security firm Kaspersky Lab. At the time, Kaspersky noted the virus was exceptionally sophisticated and had been designed specifically to harvest data using tactics as diverse as taking screenshots and eavesdropping on phone ... (view more)

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New 'Flame Virus' Bigger Than Stuxnet: Report

A leading security firm says it has discovered a virus that could be more sophisticated and potentially more dangerous than Stuxnet, which wreaked havoc last year. The new virus, called "Flame," appears however to be designed to steal data rather ... than to cause physical damage to computer systems. Security experts at Kaspersky Lab say Flame gathers data from infected machines using a comprehensive range of tactics. Rather than simply copy files and track online activity, it attempts to track what a user is typing, take screenshots, and even make audio recordings from online telephone ... (view more)

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