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Adobe Flash Faces Final Curtain by December 2020

Microsoft will block Adobe Flash in its web browsers from the end of the year. It's the last major browser developer to drop the technology. While Adobe Flash was once the primary tool used for multimedia content on websites, it earned a poor ... reputation for security. It wasn't just that it had numerous security holes, but that when those holes were exploited, hackers were often able to access a computer's memory and gain a worrying level of control just by using a web browser. Steve Jobs a Noted Flash Hater Apple was arguably the first company to crack down on Adobe Flash content with Steve ... (view more)

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Flash No Longer Invisible To Search Engines

Adobe has unveiled changes which will allow both Google and Yahoo to search content contained within Flash presentations. Flash is a system used to produce audio-visual content for websites, such as short movies and animations, in a way that looks ... the same on all machines. It usually involves much smaller file sizes than traditional video formats such as Windows Media. Designers can also incorporate interactive content in Flash such as games and quizzes. However, one major flaw for website owners has always been the fact that Flash content is searchable in the same way as regular website ... (view more)

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