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Adobe Fixes 'Critical' Reader, Flash Flaws

Microsoft earlier this week released a Patch Tuesday security update that addressed two 'critical' security flaws, one of which was found in its Internet Explorer browser. Now, Adobe has released its own security update package. The goal: to fix ... vulnerabilities in its Reader, Acrobat, and Flash Player products. Remote Code Execution a Concern Adobe's security update for its Reader and Acrobat software involves almost thirty different vulnerabilities. Most of those flaws are related to potential arbitrary code execution vulnerabilities that, if exploited successfully, could allow a hacker to ... (view more)

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Windows 8 Users Vulnerable to Adobe Flash Threat

After initially indicating that it would not fix an Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) security bug until Windows 8's official October, 2012 release, Microsoft now says it will provide a patch "shortly". The problem is associated with Adobe Flash, software ... that supports multimedia and interactive content for web pages. A recently discovered bug in Flash led to Adobe issuing a security update for the Flash Player. The security update addressed six individual security flaws, all rated 'critical' by Adobe. Any one of them could allow a hacker to crash a computer when trying, for example, to disrupt a ... (view more)

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Adobe Releases Critical Security Advisory

Adobe has revealed that there is a critical zero day bug in its Flash Player, Acrobat and Adobe Reader applications. As well as potentially causing a crash, the bug could allow an attacker to remotely take control of a computer. A zero day bug means ... big trouble for a software developer. It occurs where hackers have discovered a security hole in a program and are actively sharing ways to exploit it before developers know it exists. The term " Zero day " refers to the start of the period during which hackers are able to exploit the bug before the developers produce and distribute a ... (view more)

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Update Adobe Flash Immediately, Says Microsoft

If you're still running an old version of Adobe's popular Flash player plug-in, you'd better update, says Microsoft. The software giant, which rarely tells customers to halt their use of another company's wares, has had it with the many bugs and ... security vulnerabilities in Flash Player 6.0, released several years ago. In response to multiple bugs and a slew of security vulnerabilities, Microsoft has through its most recent Security Advisory (#979267) told users that they should either uninstall Flash Player 6.0 or immediately switch to a newer edition of the plugin. Threats Include Remote ... (view more)

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