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Multiple Footnotes with the Same Reference in MS Word

Recently a reader wrote to me about Multiple Footnotes with the same reference. Her question was: "I know how to do footnotes ... (view more)

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Converting Individual Endnotes and Footnotes in MS Word

Kim had a term paper due and it had forty end notes. Then her professor decided that he would rather have footnotes. Fortunately, Word is flexible when it comes to whether a note is a footnote or an endnote. You cannot convert all of them at one ... time, but convert them you can! The way you convert them is not really intuitive, but follow the steps below and you will learn: If you are working in Normal view, select Footnotes from the View menu. If you have both footnotes and endnotes defined in your document, Word displays the View Footnotes dialog box. Click your mouse on the type of note from ... (view more)

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Create or Revise Footnotes or Endnotes in Outlines: MS Word

As you write a lengthy document, you may refer to the words or ideas of another person or company. So that the source for your facts, ideas and quotations in your document are evident, you should include some sort of citation. Sometimes you can do ... this briefly in the body of your document, by including the author and date of publication in parentheses, but sometimes footnotes or endnotes containing information are required. Footnotes are citations that appear at the bottom of the page above the margin, and endnotes are citations that are gathered to the end of the document. You can also use ... (view more)

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