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Protecting Data in MS Excel

Many times it is necessary to protect worksheet information that is used and shared with others. Private information should be protected from unauthorized access. An expense report worksheet with complex formulas should be protected so that someone ... cannot unintentionally destroy the design of the report. Excel proves several ways to control and restrict the use of workbooks, worksheets and the data they contain. Protection can be established in a variety of ways depending on the extent of control that is needed. Below you will bee the levels of protection that are available to you: File Saves ... (view more)

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Embed Excel Worksheets in a Table: MS Word

Rather than just pasting raw numbers into a table, you can embed a worksheet into a document. Embedding retains the formulas that ride behind your numbers and all the functionality of Excel. You can create an Excel worksheet from scratch, or, if the ... worksheet already exists, you can insert it using the Paste Special command. Although an embedded worksheet behaves as a picture in the document, when you double-click to modify it, Excel opens within MS Word, allowing you to use Excel's formulas to calculate results. One drawback to embedding an Excel worksheet is that it increases the file size ... (view more)

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Enter Formulas in a Cell: MS Excel

You can type formulas in a cell to do all sorts of calculations. Formulas always begin with an equal sign (=). Then, to calculate the result, they combine numbers, cell references, and these arithmetic operators: + to add - to subtract * to multiply ... / to divide % to take a percent ^ to raise to a power (or exponent) ( ) to change the order of calculation Excel calculates formulas from left to right, following a set order of operations. Enclosing part of a formula in parentheses changes the order in which the items are calculated. Look at this example: =(48 – 12)*2/9 +1 This formula equals 9 ...<a href="/news/1334/enter-formulas-cell-ms-excel" class="more-link">view more

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