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Adult Site Hacked; 800,000 Accounts Exposed

A hack of nearly 800,000 accounts on an adult entertainment site could be among the most embarrassing ever. The breach at "Brazzers" may expose some of the very personal tastes of the site's users. The stolen data doesn't come from the main Brazzers ... site, which sells access to videos the company has made itself. Instead, it comes from the site's discussion forum, where users can discuss the scenes on the site and talk about what they'd like to see in future videos. Passwords Stored Without Encryption The data is said to include 790,724 email addresses (not including ... (view more)

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iPhone 4s Battery Problems Persist, Despite Update

Apple's newest iPhone is highly popular, but its battery-life problem continues despite a system update intended to fix it. On Thursday morning, Apple released iOS 5.0.1, designed specifically to resolve a bug that reportedly drains the iPhone 4S's ... battery at a too-rapid rate. Unfortunately, some users remain unsatisfied, while others seem to feel the update has made the situation worse. (Source: ) Update Problems Prompt Hardware Fears "After upgrading to 5.0.1 my iPhone is draining the battery even faster!" said Apple forum user. Another, user says that after ... (view more)

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Al Qaeda Forum Knocked Out by Hacker

A 'jihadist' Internet forum known as al-Shamukh has been disabled by an unknown hacker, counter-terrorism experts report. These same experts report that the group's website and its server appear to have been knocked out by the attack. Flashpoint ... Partners counter-terrorism expert Evan Kohlmann recently described the al-Shamukh site as a pro-Al Qaeda propaganda forum. He's not sure why the site has been allowed to continue operating, but suspects it might give Western governments a window into terrorist movements. "These sites can be like spy satellites, they're great ways of gathering ... (view more)

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