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FileZilla: monstrous powers to transfer files

Godzilla, the monster, is well known for his powers of destruction but FileZilla , unlike Godzilla, will help you construct. I use FileZilla as my FTP client several times a week while building websites. Over the years I've tried many free FTP ... programs. They all did the job, but FileZilla is the one that I finally kept. It's easy to use and does everything I need. Its dual pane views make dragging and dropping files between the web and my PC a simple task and it connects to my FTP sites with a single click of the mouse, as it remembers all of my FTP logins and passwords. FileZilla downloads ... (view more)

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Conceiva DownloadStudio Review

Synopsis: Are you a download-a-holic? Do you suffer from slower than average download speeds? Do you often get disconnected in the middle of a download? Do you use Internet Explorer and wish there was a way you could resume a broken download (and ... avoid having to start from the beginning)? Do you have trouble remembering where your last downloaded file was saved to? If you answered 'Yes' to any of these questions, then you'll definitely want to find out why PC Magazine bestowed the Editors' Choice Award to Conceiva DownloadStudio for best Internet Download Manager -- but only if you read ... (view more)

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MetaProducts Offline Explorer Review

Synopsis: What's the best way to archive your favorite web pages and web media permanently? Answer: MetaProducts Offline Explorer! Using a clear, intuitive and convenient user interface, Offline Explorer downloads Web and FTP sites (up to 500 ... simultaneously!) at the highest possible speed so you can browse, search, export to CD or perform other operations on downloaded sites. Among its many awards, Offline Explorer is a ZDNet.com 5-star winner! Offline Explorer: Screenshots Click to view: Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4. 10 Reasons why you should be using Offline Explorer (1) A Powerful, ... (view more)

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Freeware Piano program?

Infopackets Reader Ray M. asks: " I had a program that allowed me to play piano notes using my keyboard [on my old computer] ... [unfortunately I can't remember the name of the program] ... and would like to install one on my new computer. If you ... can [suggest] a program [which plays piano notes on the keyboard], I would greatly appreciate it. " My response: I didn't know of any piano programs off of the top of my head, so I searched Google and came across a site which provided an extensive list of shareware piano programs. http://pianoeducation.org/pnodsoft.html#IBM Many of the ... (view more)

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Friendship Screensaver Virus, Part 2

Greetings to all! I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that I'm officially on vacation! Last Saturday, I left for Toronto and am currently visiting my friend, Frank. On May 3rd, I will be flying out of Pearson Airport in Toronto ... and will later arrive in Cancun, Mexico. I won't be back until May 12th. The bad news is that I have limited access to the Internet and cannot retrieve personal files and old emails from the office. Before I left for the trip, I planned to route all incoming emails to the office computer, and then later download them via FTP server (to another ... (view more)


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