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'10 Real Pc Games You Can Download For Free', and ' Primo Pdf'

10 Real Pc Games You Can Download For Free Presented here are 10 games you can have for free. For one reason or another--often to promote upcoming sequels, for instance, or simply out of karmic generosity--these games have been released as free ... downloads by their respective publisher, developer, or creator. And each title listed is a complete game--there's not a demo, an expansion pack, or a browser-based Flash game among them. So what's the catch? Many of these titles are old (some are downright ancient), some lack a single-player component, and others are notoriously buggy! http://reviews. ... (view more)

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AceReader Pro Review

I love reading: online news, books, magazines -- put text in front of me, and I'll read it. My reading comprehension starts to decline if I push myself beyond a 350 words-per-minute pace. Someday, I hope to cross the 500 wpm mark. And, with some ... practice and the help of AceReader Pro, I just might get there. What is AceReader Pro? AceReader Pro is a software tool designed to improve reading skills through three distinctive toolsets. An assessment tool tests for current reading skill and tracks progress through periodic skill testing. A training tool teaches users to become more proficient ... (view more)


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