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New Sunglasses Make PC, TV Screens Invisible

A new pair of sunglasses aims to block out screens such as TV sets and computers. It's a real product, though it's as much an art and culture project than a true business idea. The glasses work in a similar fashion to polarized lenses in ordinary ... sunglasses, which block out the most intense reflected lights from the sun. With sunglasses the idea is to block any light that's reflected off a surface such as the ground or sea, thus reducing the overall brightness. Glasses Turn Screens Black With these special glasses, however, the lenses are flat rather than curved and are rotated 90 degrees. ... (view more)

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New 'Dual Screen' 3DTV Could 'Save Your Marriage'

Samsung has developed a 3D HDTV set that allows two people to watch different shows -- in full screen mode -- at the same time. The feature uses active 3D glasses, which work by alternating between showing frames designed for the left eye and the ... right eye. The individual lenses have filters that block the light from getting through and these filters switch on and off so that you always see the intended frame at any moment. Your brain then combines the two differing sets of information coming into your eyes to create a 3D picture. Different Glasses Show Different Pictures The Samsung ... (view more)

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Google Nexus 7 Tablet Cheap, Ships with $25 Credit

It has been a big week for Google. The company not only unveiled its budget-priced Nexus 7 tablet computer, it also revealed more information about its upcoming Google Glass computerized eyewear. Nexus 7 is a $199 tablet computer designed to ... challenge Amazon's Kindle Fire, which retails for the same price in the competitive tablet market. Both devices will sell for roughly half the price of Apple's rival device, the iPad, and both will focus on offering basic Internet browsing features. Google: Nexus 7 "Simple" but "Beautiful" "We want things to be simple, beautiful and ... (view more)

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