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Google's New Cookie Tracking Policy Raises Eyebrows

Google is set to make it easier for users to block tracking cookies. Perhaps unsurprisingly the reported changes would also be very helpful for Google. Cookies are small files that a website saves onto a computer's hard drive via the web browser. ... When the user next returns to the site, it will check for cookies and use the information to customize the site's content or appearance. For example, if a user were to enter in their name and password on a forum website and then selected the "remember me" option, this preference would be saved using a cookie. The next time the user visits ... (view more)

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XP SP2 eBook: New Project Announcement

Now that my XP Service Pack 2 Fail-Safe Installation Guide has been completed, I've started working on a few new projects in addition to revamping the layout of our web site (an enormous endeavor that began approximately 5 months ago). One of the ... new projects I started last week is an affiliate-tracking system that allows Infopackets Readers to resell our supplemental eBook and video tutorial guides. For example: if you refer someone to our web site and they buy a supplemental tutorial (such as the Service Pack 2 Fail-safe Guide), you can generate 30% on each sale. At the introductory price ... (view more)

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