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Google: No Plans to Build Windows 8 Apps

Owners of devices running Windows 8 will be disappointed to learn that Google will not be investing any more resources into building apps for that operating system or for Windows Phone 8 -- at least not for the time being. In a recent interview with ... the British technology-based publication V3, Google Apps product management director Clay Bavor made it clear his company has no plans to build any more apps for Windows. Bavor says Google is "very careful about what (they) invest and will continue to go where the users are." According to Bavor, Google's users "are not on Windows Phone or Windows ... (view more)

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Google Apps Could Hurt Your Career

Google Apps may be a bad career choice for architects. The communication and collaboration tools, released less than a year ago, can be described as a no-frills version of Microsoft Office that sells for a lower price. Unfortunately, a research and ... consulting firm, the Burton Group, has found that those who have high expectations for the program may face career-limiting consequences. The group's report confirms that Google Apps is only useful in a limited set of circumstances. Small businesses should only rely on it as a basic tool rather than an important suite for collaboration. It can also ... (view more)

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Google Apps No Longer Free

Google will be taking its applications in a new direction soon: the company will begin charging business for the use of its set of apps, known as "Google Apps for Your Domain." The package includes G-mail, Google Talk, Google Calendar, Google Page ... Creator, a start page, and will soon include Google Doc's word processing and spreadsheet applications. Google has said that they have been flooded with requests from business wanting to use these services -- and it hasn't just been small companies itching for Google Apps. Disney, Pixar, and the University of Arizona have also shown interest in ... (view more)

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