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Google $1M Contest to Make Solar, Wind More Practical

Google is teaming up with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers to try to make " green energy " more practical. It's running a million dollar contest called " Little Box Challenge " to try and reduce the size of a key component in ... bringing renewable power to homes and businesses. The competition is based around the fact that electricity comes in two forms: alternating current (AC), and direct current (DC). Alternating power is used in homes and offices, with its flow of electrical charge changing direction continuously. On the other hand, direct current ... (view more)

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Ballmer, Gates Help Push for Immigration Reform

Some of the tech world's biggest players are joining forces to press for immigration reform. Led by Facebook founder and chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg, the group has now enlisted Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and Microsoft CEO Steve ... Ballmer. Zuckerberg's political action group is known as, and is devoted to changing how the United States approaches immigration policy. Tech Firms Look to the World for Help Specifically, the group hopes to adjust immigration policy to allow foreign engineers and scientists easier access to the United States. Many tech companies have been ... (view more)

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'Green Gnome', and 'Auto Mute'

Green Gnome GreenGnome is a modern desktop environment for Windows XP. Written completely from scratch, it aims to become the first Windows-inspired operating system to follow the Windows architecture designed by Microsoft, not based on GNU/Linux. ... The main goal of the GreenGnome project is to provide an operating system which is binary compatible with Windows. This will allow your Windows applications and drivers to run as they would on your Windows system. Auto Mute Hate when your PC blasts you with unexpected sound bytes or music? The useful little utilityAuto Mute ... (view more)

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Stop Global Warming One Toshiba Laptop At A Time!

UK laptop buyers will now have greener purchasing options thanks to a recent Toshiba initiative. For an extra £1.18 (or $2.43) Toshiba will plant a tree in the consumer's name, which they claim will "offset the lifetime carbon footprint of your" One of several companies to launch recent green initiatives, Toshiba's new program is certainly a step in the right direction. However, critics warn that these activities may give consumers a false sense of accomplishment. (Source: ) Toshiba will plant native UK trees and smaller ground cover species for the next ...<a href="/news/2940/stop-global-warming-one-toshiba-laptop-time" class="more-link">view more

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Intel, Google, and Friends Begin Energy-Efficient Revolution

Google and Intel have decided to "go green" and are hoping to start a worldwide campaign that will motivate every computer-maker to do the same. The two technological powerhouses recently unveiled the Climate Savers Computing Initiative, a voluntary ... program that they hope will eventually make energy-saving computers the only ones available on the market. (Source: ) Typically, a standard PC wastes about half of the energy it draws. While power-saving technology is available to manufacturers, it costs roughly $20 extra per PC. While $20 may not seem like very much, it adds up to a ... (view more)

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The Church Spyware Scandal

Has the Church of England been turned upside down by a Spyware scandal? It sure seemed that way when a computer program called Visual Liturgy was identified as Spyware by Norton Antivirus. The liturgy-creation software is essential for vicars who ... depend on it to help them map out church services. But all hell broke loose when Norton incorrectly flagged "vlutils.dll" as Spyware and instructed users to erase it. That's because it's actually a crucial Visual Liturgy file. Without it, the program won't work. Church House Publishing, the makers of Visual Liturgy, said it took Symantec (Norton) ... (view more)

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'Green Browser', and 'Easy Read'

Green Browser IE based browser with ad filter, mouse gesture, mouse drag, auto fill form, auto scroll, auto refresh, auto save, auto hide, search bar, external toolbar, collector, page manager, download manager, group, plugin, skin, proxy, start ... mode, url alias, quick key, link list, status bar setting, sort save page, clean system, page download control, page zoom, page background color. Easy Read In case you ever find those web fonts or graphics way too small If you're frustrated at Internet Explorer not allowing you to view webpages at the size you want ... (view more)

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