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Soured Acquisition Leads to Groupon-Like Google Offers

Google plans to launch its own deal-of-the-day service, one quite similar to that offered by Groupon. The search giant has officially launched a beta test of Google Offers, which is designed to give those who sign up for the service daily discounts ... at local restaurants, shops and other attractions. According to the Google Offers sign-up page, members can expect coupons for 50 per cent or more off regular price goods and services. Groupon Turns Down Google Offer Google Offers surfaces mere months after Groupon turned down an acquisition offer from Google. As of last November, various reports ... (view more)

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Groupon, FTD Valentine's Day Deal Not So Sweet

A company offering a special discount on ordering flowers on line -- just in time for Valentine's Day -- was forced to shut down the deal a day early because customers complained the "offer" meant they saved little if any money. The offer came from ... Groupon, which issues a daily deal from retailers aimed at users in a particular geographical area. The way the deals work is that the offer is only good if a set number of people sign up to take advantage: that encourages more retailers to take part as they know they'll pick up enough extra business to make it worth their while. The all-or-nothing ... (view more)

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