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Why run Windows 10 Preview as a Virtual Machine?

Infopackets Reader Fred S. writes: " Dear Dennis, I was very much intrigued by your article on Windows 10 Technical Preview . I understand this is a beta operating system and it most likely contains a lot of bugs. At the same time, I'm also very ... excited to try it. In your previous article, you mentioned I could run Windows 10 as a virtual machine . I don't have much knowledge or experience with virtual machines, and was wondering if you could elaborate a bit more on the subject? " My Response: Certainly. You can think of a virtual machine as a computer within a computer. For ... (view more)

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Security Risk: hidden Admin account in WinXP, Part 2

Yesterday , I wrote an article concerning a hidden Administrator account in Windows XP. As we discovered, this poses a significant security risk (especially for XP Home users) because it means that virtually anyone can gain unrestricted local access ... to the machine if the Administrator password is left blank. Side note: The term "remote access" means to control / gain access to a computer which is physically housed in another location (typically over a network, such as the Internet). In a similar respect, gaining "local access" to a computer means to utilize the machine at ... (view more)

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Parental Control Filtering Software, Part 1

Yesterday's Visitor Feedback posed the question, "where can I get free parental control software that will filter out pornography , gambling, bad language, nudity, sex, and violence?" Since I was unfamiliar with the subject, I decided to ask the ... readers of the Gazette to send me their thoughts. Jeanne A. writes: " Thank you for your great newsletter. In response to your request about parental control software, I use We-Blocker on my kids' computer and it does an excellent job. You can set the level of control and allow or disallow additional sites. Best of all, it's free and ... (view more)

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