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Leaked Screenshots Suggest Major Overhaul to Gmail

It appears that Google is getting ready to introduce a whole new user interface (UI) for its Gmail cloud-based email service. Leaked screenshots suggest the overhaul is substantial, meaning current Gmail users could face a significant challenge ... adjusting to the changes. If the screenshots are in fact legitimate, Google is hoping to meld its desktop version of Gmail closer to the mobile version, which is accessible through tablets and smartphones. In that way, it's similar to Microsoft's use of the touch-friendly interface that made its way onto desktop PCs when Windows 8 was released ... (view more)

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'Mmm', and 'Gui Stuff'

Mmm Remove context menu functions you never use; move items you rarely use out on a submenu. Keep only the functions you often use in a tidy and small base menu. Gui Stuff GUIStuff offers you many free tools to ... create a great-looking website. You can download one of dozens of graphical interfaces, use Flash, DHTML, and graphics generation tools to add spice to your page. Plus, you can check out tutorials to learn how to design by yourself. (view more)

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What is the Difference Between a Gui and a Skin?

Infopackets Reader Lim Chee A. writes: " Greetings from Malaysia! I have been subscribed to your Infopackets Newsletter since May 2002, and I really enjoy your work! I have a question though: What's the difference between GUI and skins? " My ... Response: GUI is a short-term word which means "Graphic User Interface". A skin is an extension of the GUI which changes the GUI appearance. If you're interested in changing the way that Windows looks, you might be interested in checking out these web sites: ... (view more)

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