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Indent Paragraphs: MS Word

One way to format paragraphs is to indent them. Indentation refers to the distance a paragraph is set from the margin. You can set these indentation styles one at a time or in combination: Left indent Right indent First-Line indent Hanging indent ... Word offers complete control over paragraph indentation. Like other formatting techniques, you can set indentation by using buttons, the Format | Paragraph command, or shortcut keys. But you can also set indentation by using various elements of the ruler. Indentation is used either to set a paragraph apart or to make it easier to read. For instance, ... (view more)

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Hanging Indent Shortcut: MS Word

A hanging indent is created when the first line of the paragraph starts at the start of the left margin, but the second and subsequent lines are indented. Hanging indents are a very common format used in many documents because it coordinates ... information. In MS Word, you can initiate a hanging indent by pressing CTRL+T on your keyboard. This "hangs" a paragraph to the next tab stop. If there are no previously defined tab stops in the paragraph, Word indents to the next default tab stop (typically in one-half inch intervals). Each press of the shortcut (CTRL+T) indents the paragraph one more ... (view more)

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