Brandon Dimmel's picture Remains Unstable, Vulnerable: Report

A new report from a government auditor suggests that the United States web site is missing basic security features. The most alarming findings include ineffective cyber security controls, such as resilient passwords and stable ... security patching. represents the central hub of the Obama administration's Affordable Care Act, which is intended to offer U.S. citizens an easier method of finding and acquiring health insurance. However, since the site's launch in October 2013 it has suffered from stability problems, with issues lingering well into 2014. ... (view more)

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Microsoft and Google Want to Heal You: New Health Services Rumoured

The next theatre of war for Google and Microsoft might be a realm previously and popularly unassociated with information technology: healthcare and medicine. Amidst rumors that Google is strongly considering the release of a Health search and/or ... service, Microsoft is apparently closing in on a constructive build of its Windows Live Healthcare. The exact message for the Redmond-based company is still unclear, as Microsoft executives, including corporate vice president of Health Solutions Peter Neupert, remain very hush when it comes to details. (Source: ) For months, both ... (view more)

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