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Super Hacker Swipes 130M Credit Cards: Largest Ever

The gang accused of one of the biggest online security heists ever have been indicted over the incident. The alleged ringleader, a government informant gone bad, has also been charged with other high-profile breaches. Albert Gonzalez was formally ... charged with breaking into the networks of payment processing firm Heartland Payment Systems, regional supermarket Hannaford Brothers, and three national retailers including 7-Eleven. His alleged loot from these attacks was 130 million credit and debit card numbers. Two other accomplices are listed in the indictment but not named, referred to only as ... (view more)

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Largest Credit Breach Ever Reported Inauguration Day

Payment processor Heartland Payment Systems reported that it was the victim of a security breach within its processing system in 2008. For unknown reasons, the breach was reported on January 20, 2009 -- inauguration day for the incoming President ... Obama administration. Tens of millions of credit and debit card transactions may have been breached, making the Heartland incident one of the largest data breaches ever reported. (Source: washingtonpost.com ) Heartland believes the intrusion is now contained and that no merchant information or cardholder Social Security numbers were compromised. ... (view more)

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