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'Google Helpouts', and 'Task List Guru 3.061'

Google Helpouts Google Helpouts lets you chat with all kinds of experts! Yoga instructors, repairmen, music teachers -- they're all here. The software is free but you'll need to work out a payment system with each expert you consult. To read our ... coverage of this service, click here Task List Guru 3.061 Keep yourself focused on your most important tasks with Task List Guru. This effective task management program will bring order and stability to your life by helping you create handy task lists, notes, and reminders. It can even make organizing your tasks fun! http ... (view more)

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Google Helpouts Lets You Video Chat with an Expert

Not very handy around the house? Your first reaction to a leaky faucet may be to pay someone to remedy the situation. But you might be able to save some cash by video chatting with a plumbing expert through a new program called Google 'Helpouts'. ... Google says Helpouts is about people paying experts to carry on live video chat sessions. The firm says anyone who feels they're an expert on a topic can trade their services for some kind of payment. Experts can choose to be paid for a whole task or they can set their rate based on the number of minutes it takes to answer a question. Google Makes ... (view more)

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