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Anonymous Kills Downing Street, Home Office Sites

The international hacking group Anonymous has targeted the British government with a recent string of attacks. As a result, websites for both the United Kingdom's Home Office and for Downing Street were disabled. Anonymous , which is a loose ... collective of hackers from locations around the world, has become quite renowned in recent years. Members of the group, who call themselves "hacktivists" rather than straight-up hackers, have targeted credit card companies, copyright protection agencies, and even the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). They prefer the term "hacktivists" because their ... (view more)

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Creating a Child-Safe Home Office

I don't normally talk about my personal life when composing articles on the web, but my latest eBook hits very close to home... and that's because, on June 6, 2004 (this Sunday), I'm getting married! In addition to spending the rest of my life with ... the future Mrs. Robin Ludington, I'm also taking on the responsibility of being a father to Robin's 2 year old son, Wyatt. The fundamentals of Toddler Temptation Adjusting to the curiosity of a two-year-old required some drastic rethinking of how my home office is set up. At the time I met Robin, I hadn't really planned on small children spending ... (view more)

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