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Organize Favorites in Internet Explorer, Part 2

Is there a simple way to organize Internet Explorer (IE) favorites -- without the need to 'flip' through dialogue menus, or worry of accidentally moving the wrong file? That's the question I asked Infopackets Readers last week after describing the ... method I used for sorting IE bookmarks. Below are some of the responses I received: Leo F. recommended AlphaCuts: " AlphaCuts swiftly displays, in alphabetical listings, your programs on the Start Menu, favorites in Internet Explorer and documents in the My documents folder. It lists the relevant directories and categories and the items they ... (view more)

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3Planesoft Screensavers Review

Screensavers remain a popular way to personalize Windows, despite the advent of energy saving technology eliminating the need for the screen to remain turned off while the computer is idle. Back in the early days of screensavers, the "flying ... toasters" screensaver was considered a creative innovation. Today, 3D environments, rivaling graphics from some of the best computer games available, are making an impact while the computer screen sits idle. 3Planesoft, a new screensaver company, now uses 3D graphics card technologies and takes screensavers to a whole new level. 3Planesoft makes ... (view more)

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