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'Icons From File', and 'Simple Directory Analyzer'

Icons From File This tool is used for extracting icons or icon arrays from files and boasts the unique ability to scan folders and search for EXE, DLL and OCX files containing icons! There is even the ability to extract and save all icons from all ... files into a selected folder. Also, all icons from the selected file can be exported to HTML document. http://www.vlsoftware.net Simple Directory Analyzer With Simple Directory Analyzer, you can list all file types in a directory, list duplicate files, list hidden files. Sort by name, file type, location and size. Draw graphs from your information. ... (view more)

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Create Icons and Cursors with Paint.NET

It is possible to customize icons and cursors with MS Windows. For example: software developers often create custom icons for their applications; even webmasters and bloggers use icons (called the "favicon") for their websites. Recently, I came ... across an exemplary freeware alternative, called Paint.NET . In many ways, Paint.NET is a mix between Photoshop, Paint Shop, and MS Paint. While there aren't very many freeware plug-ins available for Paint.NET, they are both easy to install and easy to run. By itself, Paint.NET cannot edit .ICO and .CUR files; however, one plug-in in particular (aptly ... (view more)

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'Wez's Evil Shell', and 'Resize Desktop Icons'

Wez's Evil Shell A replacement for the default Windows XP desktop, includes: graphical shell (taskbar, start menu and tray). The default explorer shell uses quite a lot of run-time resources and can be quite slow to use for "Power Users". This shell ... provides the lots of features but uses only a fraction of the resources that explorer.exe uses. http://evildesk.netevil.org/index.php Resize Desktop Icons Customize your desktop by resizing the icons to suit you. Included is the ability for 16px, 24px, 32px, and 48px sizes. http://www.veign.com (view more)

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Shopping for an LCD monitor, Part 2

Last week, I left you with some thoughts on my LCD Monitor purchasing experience. If you didn't catch the first part of the article, you can read about it here . The article from last week signed off with a cliff-hanger, where I was about to tell ... about some things that I didn't like about my LCD monitor. RE: LCD Native Resolution While I was completely amazed out how crystal clear my LCD monitor was at 1280 x 1024 resolution*, the fact is that the LCD monitor looks crystal-clear *only* at this resolution. This is referred to as the monitor's Native Resolution. Generally speaking, native ... (view more)


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