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Online Tracking More Detailed Than Thought

It's no secret that advertisers and other groups buy and sell data about people's Internet use. But a new report says the information is far more detailed and specific than realized. The Irish Council for Civil Liberties (ICCL) says it's much easier ... than people realized to identify specific individuals, in some cases threatening national security. The data isn't hacked or stolen, but rather made available to people bidding for online advertising slots and trying to reach a particular auction. The basics of how this work are well known. Legitimate online businesses track users online but don't ... (view more)

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Can I See Some IP, Please?

Internet Protocol addresses (IP) are used to identify computers and the actions they take on the Internet. IPs are routinely stored by search companies and other online businesses to help improve search results and provide advertisers with complete ... billing data. While this practice has been questioned before, with Google's pending bid to purchase advertiser DoubleClick, European leaders are taking a hard look at these business practices. Peter Scharr, Germany's data-protection commissioner, believes that IPs are not just a tool for companies to use, but a form of personal identification that ... (view more)

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How to Remove Spyware with Randomly Generated Process and File names?

Infopackets Reader Joe B. writes: " Dear Dennis, I've been desperately trying to clean my computer of a nasty Malware / Spyware infection for the last 5 days. A characteristic of something that is going on is that while I'm typing along in a window, ... the window is suddenly de-activated and I have to mouse back to the window to activate it and continue typing. It's most irritating! I believe I have resolved the majority of the Spyware infection, however there are 4 files that keep reappearing even after I delete them. I can't seem to find instructions on the web, either. I'm not sure what ... (view more)

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