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Win7 Upgrade Guide: From Outlook Express to Thunderbird

Infopackets Reader Bill P. writes: " Dear Dennis, I finally made the plunge to Win7, thanks to your series of articles on upgrading from XP to Windows 7 . I noticed that Outlook Express is no longer part of Windows 7. Question: is there another ... email program similar to Outlook Express, and one that can import all my old Outlook Express emails for use on Windows 7? I've archived many Outlook Express emails over the years that I would still like to keep. " My response: I faced the exact same issue when I upgraded to Windows 7. In short: Microsoft chose not to bundle an email program with ... (view more)

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Fresh Install of Win7: Importing Old Settings

This article is for users that want to move from an older copy of Windows to a fresh / new install of Win7 and who want to re-inject / maintain their old programs and settings without having to reconfigure everything manually. This article is a ... continuation of a series of other articles on Migrating to Windows 7. As such, I will assume that you have already used Acronis True Image 2010 to make a complete backup of your old Windows XP system , you have mounted the image as a virtual drive , and you are now ready to proceed with the reinstallation of your programs. Note that True Image is ... (view more)

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