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How Much Space do I need for My Backups?

Infopackets Reader Eric H. writes: " Dear Dennis, I just read your article on ' Why You Should Install KB3000850? ', in which you mentioned doing daily operating system backups. I have a question about disk images. I have used Norton Ghost (disk ... image backups) on my old Windows XP system many years ago and I stored my backups on a 250GB external drive. Now I have a 250GB Samsung Solid State Hard Drive (SSD) and a 2TB hard drive for my other data. My question is, how much space do I need for my backups? As I understand it, incremental backups will only copy over any changes that it finds are ... (view more)

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Incremental Backup: Which files to Keep, or Delete?

Infopackets Reader Jim 'jhg' writes: " Dear Dennis, I am using Acronis True Image [to backup my operating system and personal files] -- great product. I did a full backup and it worked like a charm. I also did five incremental backups. Question: ... should I delete incremental backup numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 and save the fifth, or do I save all of them? " Reminder: we have a 50% sale on Disk Director Suite available through which expires on August 31st, 2009. Also offered is Acronis True Image at 15% off . Click the respective link for more detail. My Response: To quickly answer your ... (view more)

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