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Change the Indentation of an MS Excel Cell

Many times you may wish to change the indentation of the cells in your spreadsheet. This is a quick and easy task, as evidenced by the steps below: Key in your text in the cells in your spreadsheet. Select the list where you would like to change the ... indentation. Click the Increase Indent icon on the Formatting toolbar until you reach the indentation you want. Alternatively, you can click Format and the Alignment tab and in the Indent Box change the number of characters to indent. Click on OK. That's it! You're finished. When you become a member at, you have access to ... (view more)

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Apply Currency and Comma Formats: MS Excel

You can create a budget in MS Excel and track your expenses. To make your budget more readable, you must format it, or change its appearance. To do this, you can click buttons on the Formatting toolbar. If you've used Word or PowerPoint, several of ... these buttons are already familiar to you. You can: Widen columns so that all the text appears. Add dollar signs to help the reader know you are talking about money, and add commas to make it easy to read numbers over 1,000. Make some headings stand out by making them bold or italic, and separate numbers from the total by underlining. The ... (view more)

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Use Tabs Command: MS Word

When you press the Tab key, the insertion point moves to the right 0.5 inch which means that your typing moves 0.5 inch to the right. This is MS Word's default tab. You use this tab to indent the first line of a paragraph, or even to separate short ... items, such as the chapter name and page title on a table of contents. You can also use tabs to place columns of short items side by side, such as those in a schedule of events, but for that use you may want to set a custom tab. Tabs come in four varieties: left, center, decimal, and right. You use the ruler or the Tabs dialog box to set the tabs. ... (view more)

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