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Change the Indentation of an MS Excel Cell

Many times you may wish to change the indentation of the cells in your spreadsheet. This is a quick and easy task, as evidenced by the steps below: Key in your text in the cells in your spreadsheet. Select the list where you would like to change the ... indentation. Click the Increase Indent icon on the Formatting toolbar until you reach the indentation you want. Alternatively, you can click Format and the Alignment tab and in the Indent Box change the number of characters to indent. Click on OK. That's it! You're finished. When you become a member at, you have access to ... (view more)

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Indent Paragraphs: MS Word

One way to format paragraphs is to indent them. Indentation refers to the distance a paragraph is set from the margin. You can set these indentation styles one at a time or in combination: Left indent Right indent First-Line indent Hanging indent ... Word offers complete control over paragraph indentation. Like other formatting techniques, you can set indentation by using buttons, the Format | Paragraph command, or shortcut keys. But you can also set indentation by using various elements of the ruler. Indentation is used either to set a paragraph apart or to make it easier to read. For instance, ... (view more)

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