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Facebook Membership: India to Surpass US Soon

There's no denying the distinctly American origins of Facebook: it was the brainchild of Harvard students and its 'trial by fire' was a monumental court case between its founders. For some, there's nothing more American than either attending an Ivy ... League school or angry litigation. That's why it's worth noting that America's Facebook membership could soon be eclipsed by the number of Facebook users in rising Asian superpower, India. India's Facebook Membership Rapidly Accelerating In a recent interview, leading Gartner research analyst Shalini Verma insisted that India's steady economic ... (view more)

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Botnet Infections Make India World's Spam Capital

More spam emails come from India than any other country, according to a pair of new reports from separate, reputable sources. SophosLabs has issued a report saying that 9.3 per cent of all spam messages transmitted in the first quarter of 2012 were ... relayed through India before arriving in people's inboxes. The firm lists the United States in second place with 8.3 per cent of spam, and South Korea in third at 5.7 per cent. (Source: ) In a separate report on the same subject covering the same time period, security firm Trend Micro also put India in first place, but attributing 20 per ... (view more)

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World Challenges U.S. for Fastest Computer

An Indian computer has been ranked the fourth-fastest in the world. It's the first time India has even cracked the top 100 in speed rankings. Computers from Sweden and Germany are among five new entries in the top ten, which was previously dominated ... by US-built machines. The list was announced at the SuperComputing 07 conference in Reno, Nevada. It's the 30th edition of the list, which comes out every six months and is compiled by experts from universities in Tennessee and Germany and the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center in California. (Source: ) The Indian ... (view more)

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Dude, India's Got A Dell!

Did you know that India is one of the fastest growing technology markets in the world? The dudes at Dell sure did. The company plans to build its first factory near Chennai, the fourth largest city in India -- with over 6 million people in its metro ... area. The facility is expected to open its doors in the first half of 2007. (Source: ) "We will start with a production capacity of 400,000 units and quickly ramp up to much higher numbers," according to Rajan Anandan, Dell India's vice-president and general manager. "We are building this factory with the simple objective of ... (view more)

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Outsourcing: What Does it Mean for India, China?

In the last few years -- perhaps even decade -- the cost of wages has forced many technological jobs to a place in our galaxy far, far away. Manufacturing as a whole has exploded in China and the Far East, but in recent years, the boom has expanded ... to include other nations in the near-Pacific theatre with a workforce capable of technological achievement. The most recent market for manufacturing outsourcing has been India, but as its wage rates increase, its appeal to the North American and European tech industry decreases. Outsourcing is most widely known as the delegation on internal duties ... (view more)


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