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Scammed by Smart PC Experts? Here's What to Do

Infopackets Reader Bill H. writes: " Dear Dennis, I was on and suddenly a warning message appeared, stating that my PC was infected with a virus and to call 1-866-666-1917 to fix the problem. There was no way to close the window. I called ... the number and spoke to a fellow at Smart PC Experts ( ), who had a very thick Indian accent . They convinced me that my PC was infected with the Zeus Trojan and it needed to be fixed. I allowed them remote access to my machine and they installed some software. After that, they demanded $499 as payment for their services. I was ... (view more)

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Google Knowledge Graph Revolutionizes Search

Google has added to its search results a new feature designed to make the search function act "more human". The feature, called "Knowledge Graph", may make the site behave more like rival Microsoft's Bing. The main aim of Knowledge Graph is to deal ... with the shortcomings of using typical search terms, which frequently denote a range of very different meanings. Google gives the example of a search for 'Taj Mahal.' Someone using this term could be looking for the Indian landmark, a musician, a casino, or a restaurant specializing in Indian food. There's no way to know. At the moment, this search ... (view more)

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Symantec Users Urged to Shut Down PCAnywhere

Security firm Symantec is urging all Windows users to disable "PCAnywhere" (a remote-control software program) on their systems immediately. The concern to disable the product dates back to 2006, when Symantec's PCAnywhere source code was stolen, ... but has never appeared in the open until now. Symantec says users running old versions of PCAnywhere could have their systems easily hijacked. A security bulletin on their site says that even the latest edition of PCAnywhere (version 12.5) is "at an increased security threat," and have urged customers to disable the software and ... (view more)

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Indian PM Abandons Outlook for Open-Source Email

When the leader of a nation makes an important change, the belief is that most citizens will support and echo their decision. Microsoft is hoping that won't be the case in Asia, after the Prime Minister of India abandoned his Microsoft Outlook ... account in favor of open-source email. The Indian leader voiced his concern over the vulnerabilities of his Outlook account following a nasty computer virus that caused massive disruptions when sending/receiving emails containing important (and at times, crucial) information. The Indian Central Information Commission admitted to the change, stating that ... (view more)

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