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Facebook Admits: We Log All Your Calls and SMS History

Facebook users have been shocked to discover it stores the phone numbers of people who've never signed up to the site, along with the SMS and voice call histories of some users. But Facebook insists that users have explicitly given permission for ... such data storage. The site's data storage and sharing policies came back under the spotlight with the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal, when a journalist revealed that information gathered about users and their friends for a psychological study was shared without permission for use in political ad targeting. Since then, many users have been taking ... (view more)

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Google Purchases Satellite Firm for $500M

Google has spent half a billion dollars purchasing Skybox, a firm that operates a suite of specialized satellites. It says it will use the satellites to improve its mapping services, offer Internet access to remote areas, and help in disaster ... relief. The move, however, has prompted speculation that the technology might used to gather highly confidential data, and could even find itself commandeered by US government. Skybox Satellite Technology Offers Real Time Insight Skybox is open about the fact that its satellites are designed more for gathering data, rather than communications. It says ... (view more)

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