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Apple to Pay Price for Purposely Slowing iPhones

Apple is to compensate customers after claims it intentionally slowed down old iPhones to make people more likely to upgrade. Each person eligible in the class action lawsuit will get around $25, but Apple isn't formally admitting any wrongdoing. ... Back in 2017 Apple admitted it had intentionally slowed down the performance of old iPhones through a software update. However, it denied this was a marketing move and instead said it was a necessary step to extend the lifespan of ageing batteries of older iPhones . Specifically it said sudden spikes in processor demand could cause older batteries to ... (view more)

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Apple Sued Over Limited iPhone Battery Life

The success of Apple can be seen in the figures reporting 450,000 iPhones sold within its first two days of sales. For one consumer though, Apple has left out a major drawback of the iPhone: the limited battery life. Jose Trujillo is suing Apple, ... claiming that the company neglected to inform users of the limited life of the iPhone battery or that replacement batteries cost $86 each. (Source: iht.com ) Trujillo has filed his case in Illinois state court, accusing Apple of consumer fraud. Trujillo also hopes for class-action status in addition to subsequent monetary damages. Larry Drury, ... (view more)

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