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How to Fix: Win10 April Update: RDP, Mapped Drives Broken

Infopackets Reader Robert G. writes: " Dear Dennis, I own two computers that automatically upgraded to Windows 10 17134.1 , dubbed the ' April 2018 Update '. Ever since the upgrade to 17134.1, my remote desktop (RDP) and mapped network drives no ... longer work. Also when I click on File Explorer -> Network to view my shares, it says it can't find the computer on the network. It's strange because I can access computer A from computer B, but not the other way around. I have been trying to fix this for over 3 days now and no one on the Internet seems to have a solution. Can you please help me ... (view more)

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Smart Devices Likely to Cause Internet Congestion

One of the key figures in the creation of the Internet has warned that adding billions of gadgets with online connections could mean a slower Internet for many users. Vint Cerf said users need to enable a newer Internet addressing system to get the ... best results. Cerf is sometimes referred to as one of the "fathers of the Internet." He played a key role in the creation of ARPANET , the military network that established many of the technologies that were later at the heart of the Internet. Cerf also helped design the basic system by which Internet data is broken into small pieces, ... (view more)

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New IP Addresses Safer, but Difficult to Implement

The current address system for computers connected to the Internet (TCP/IP version 4) is entering its twilight. And while the process of introducing a successor is ready to go, critics suggest it is a complex and challenging undertaking. The ... addresses in question are not website addresses: those have many more unused possibilities, albeit many of them hardly memorable or corresponding to common words. Instead, the problem is with Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, which correspond to an individual machine connected to the Internet, whether that be a standard computer or a server hosting a ... (view more)

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