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Recover Data from Multisession CD or DVD?

Infopackets Reader Dan R. writes: " Dear Dennis, After reviewing yesterday's article entitled, " Play .JPG on DVD (Picture / Photo CD)? ", it prompted me to ask a related question about CD and DVD data recovery. My situation is this: a little while ... back I created a CD full of important photos. I lent the disc to a friend who was going to add more photos to the disc. Somehow, my friend managed to completely wipe out my previous session when she added her photos, and now I'm afraid I've lost all my data. Can you please tell me if there is a way I can recover my data on the ... (view more)

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Reclaim lost data on CD?, Part 2

Recall - - Last week I talked about a utility called ISOBuster, which is able to retrieve data from stubborn DVD and CDs. Unfortunately I wasn't 100% correct when I reported that ISOBuster is freeware. To better explain ISOBuster's 'freeware' ... functionality, the author of ISOBuster (Peter Van Hove) emailed me the following message: " Dear Dennis, I saw in today's newsletter that you mentioned ISOBuster which is GREAT! And you're right, ISOBuster is ideal for data recovery from CD and DVD -- especially for getting data back from CDs created with DirectCD, Drag 2 Disc, InCD, DLA and other ... (view more)

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