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British Government Threatens to Pull the Plug on Downloaders

The British government is considering plans to force Internet service providers (ISPs) to cut off any users who illegally downloading files. They are looking at a range of possible systems to force ISPs to stop customers downloading; the most likely ... to become law is a three-strike system under which ISPs will email warnings to customers they suspect of downloading movies or music without the copyright holder's permission. If the customer continues to do so, they'll face a suspension. A third offence will see their account cancelled. Internet firms which refuse or otherwise fail to enforce the ... (view more)

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Is Your ISP Selling Your Clicks?

It turns out that not only is big brother watching you, he's profiting from you. At the Open Data 2007 conference in New York last Tuesday, Compete Inc. CEO David Cancel revealed that ISPs are selling the clickstream data of its subscribers. ... Clickstream data includes each webpage that a user visits and the order in which the pages were viewed. (Source: ) Although the data is not sold with the corresponding user name and information, it is theoretically possible to tie the information to an ISP (Internet Service Provider) account. Cancel went on to say that his company earns ... (view more)

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British Courts Order ISPs to Reveal Accounts of 59 Music Pirates

Despite very liberal views on sex, drugs, and drinking age, Europe is becoming a conservative force in rooting out peer-to-peer (p2p) file sharing. Just weeks after Spain made it a civil offense for individuals to download music and a criminal ... offense for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to allow it, the British music industry is now demanding that two ISPs give up the names of 59 accounts. Although Spain remains the more aggressive of the two countries in weeding out file sharers, Britain's corporate community is forming its own strong-arm policy in making illegal music downloads a thing of ... (view more)


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