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Facebook Not A Source Say Newspaper Regulators

The body which regulates British newspapers is considering guidelines to restrict journalists from using social networking profiles as sources. It follows increasing complaints from people who have become the subject of stories and find details from ... sites such as Facebook included in newspaper articles. Tim Toulin, director of the Press Complaints Commission (PCC), said "It's down to the PCC to set the boundaries in a common sense way about what sort of information it is acceptable to re-publish". The PCC is an industry body made up of newspaper editors and independent representatives which ... (view more)

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After Being Slammed by Congress, Yahoo Settles

In North America, we certainly take for granted our freedom of speech. Although some libertarians argue that the battle to freely speak one's mind is still being waged, the situation here is clearly nothing like the restrictions of communist China, ... where the government and multimedia are still fighting for control of the public. The problem for many in the United States is not necessarily the policy of the Chinese government -- that's tough to change -- but the ethical standards of American companies operating in the country. Finally, there's a sign that the web's most powerful companies will ... (view more)

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Gaming 101: University Professor Wants Video Games Added To Schools

Math, Science, English, and Philosophy: those are the types of courses university students expect to be confronted with. Will video games soon be added to that list? Yes, video games. David Williamson Shaffer, an education science professor at the ... University of Wisconsin-Madison, is pushing to have gaming adding to the curriculum. If he succeeds, students could eventually have chemistry and video games on the same class schedule. It's not as farfetched as it sounds. After all, video games *do* have their practical uses: The U.S. military uses games to train its soldiers. Teenage cancer ... (view more)

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