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'Microsoft Junk Email Filter for Outlook 2003', and 'TeamViewer 7.0.12299'

Microsoft Junk Email Filter for Outlook 2003 This update provides Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 with a more current definition of which e-mail messages should be considered junk e-mail. Supported operating systems include Windows 2000, Windows ... Server 2003, Windows Vista, and Windows XP. http://www.microsoft.com TeamViewer 7.0.12299 TeamViewer allows you to host online meetings with up to 25 people. The software connects to any PC or server anywhere in the world within a few seconds. You can then remote control your partner's PC as if you were sitting in front of it. More than 100 million ... (view more)

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'Find Junk Files 1.56.2432', and 'Microsoft Camera Codec Pack 16.0.0652.0621'

Find Junk Files 1.56.2432 Find Junk Files is a user-friendly utility designed to free up disk space by deleting useless junk files. Each time you use your PC, unwanted files are created that increasingly uses more space on your hard drives. Find ... Junk Files can find over 100 types of junk files with ease. http://www.eyeclaxton.com Microsoft Camera Codec Pack 16.0.0652.0621 The Microsoft Camera Codec Pack enables the viewing of a variety of device-specific file formats in Window Live Photo Gallery as well as other software that is based in Windows Imaging Codecs (WIC). This package is available ... (view more)

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'Microsoft Junk Email Filter for Outlook 2007' and 'Microsoft Junk Email Filter for Outlook 2003'

Microsoft Junk Email Filter for Outlook 2007 (October 2010) Keep yourself safe from unwanted (and often dangerous) spam emails. This Microsoft update provides the Junk E-mail Filter in Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 with a more current definition of ... which e-mail messages should be considered junk e-mail. http://www.microsoft.com Microsoft Junk Email Filter for Outlook 2003 (October 2010) Like the above, this Microsoft update provides added protection for users of Microsoft email application Outlook 2003 by upgrading the Junk E-mail Filter. http://wwww.microsoft.com This freeware software ... (view more)

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SpeedUpMyPC 3.0: Review

If you've been subscribed to Infopackets for any length of time, you've undoubtedly seen a program called "SpeedUpMyPC" recommended in our email newsletters. Judging by name, one might think that SpeedUpMyPC is just another run-of-the-mill system ... optimizer -- but don't click away just yet, because this may be one of the most demystifying articles you'll ever read. ;-) Allow me to elaborate. Back in 2003, I reviewed SpeedUpMyPC 1.0 when it debuted: and it impressed the pants off me -- not just because of the results, but also because it's such a unique product. But I wasn't the only one to ... (view more)

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Electronic Mail: What Is It?

Just about everyone who surfs the Web has an email account any more. Most of the Internet Service Providers on the 'net have a set of mailboxes they provide their customers, but the software they provide for folk to get to their email account ... sometimes does not provide the tools needed to effectively use their email Inboxes. There are several "email Clients" available that we be presenting. Before we get to that, there is some information you need to know to be able to select the best fit for your use. First we need to define what and where a client and server are. An email client is the ... (view more)

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