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How to Remove: 'Your upgrade to Windows 10 is ready'

Infopackets Reader 'Lorraine' writes: " Dear Dennis, Not too long ago I reserved my copy of Windows 10, but then I canceled it a few days later. I have followed your guide on how to cancel Windows 10 reservation , but now every two days or so I get ... an incredibly annoying pop-up window asking me to start the Windows 10 upgrade, or postpone for a later time (which is usually 2-3 days later). When I click on Windows Update I keep seeing a message stating 'Your upgrade to Windows 10 is ready' - and I can't download any other updates. It's almost as if Microsoft is keeping my computer hostage! I ... (view more)

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How to Reserve Windows 10 Upgrade (Free)

Infopackets Reader Rob B. writes: " Dear Dennis, I have a Dell D630 laptop and an Acer Aspire One D-150 that I managed to install Windows 7 on. The Dell laptop is Windows 7 64-bit, while the Acer is Windows 7 32-bit. So far neither of the computers ... have shown the 'Get Windows 10' app in the tray bar, while my main machine (an Asus with an Intel core i7) says it is ready for the Windows 10 upgrade. I was hoping to use one of the other laptops to put Windows 10 on, but I get the feeling that they are missing something necessary in their CPUs to allow installation. I should also ... (view more)

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How to Cancel Windows 10 Reservation (Properly)

Infopackets Reader Tim P. writes: " Dear Dennis, How do I cancel my Windows 10 reservation? Also, how can I prevent Windows 10 from downloading onto my system? I see the 'Get Windows 10' icon in my tray bar, which has been there since June 1st. ... Originally I wanted the upgrade to Windows 10, but now I'm not sure it's a good idea because I'm concerned that the upgrade might fail or cause problems. I read on the Internet that the 'get windows 10' icon has to do with Microsoft patch KB3035583, whatever that is. Can you tell me how to remove the Windows 10 ... (view more)

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