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Broadband Pricing to be Clearer, using 'Labels'

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has unveiled a standardized way for broadband providers to give details on pricing and other contract terms. The "consumer broadband labels" resemble, and are based on, the nutritional information labels ... seen on packaged food. The labels were developed with the input of both broadband providers and consumer groups. Although providers won't legally be required to use the labels, it is very much in their interests to do so. Companies which do use the labels will, assuming they have been honest and accurate with the information, ... (view more)

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'Label Control', and 'No Close'

Label Control Label Control allows you to access parts of a requestor window using a hotkey. For example: pressing CTRL+2 would allow you to access the "OK" button on a requestor window, while CTRL+3 would access the "CANCEL" button (rather than ... having to grab your mouse each time). See website for visual example. No Close No Close allows you to disable the Close button (X) of selected windows. Today's fresh software picks were provided courtesy of Bob Helmer at Shell Extension City. Please note that the below ... (view more)

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Remove Scratches from CD or DVD compact disc?, Part 2

Since asking Infopackets Readers for their opinion on the best solution for Removing Scratches from CD or DVD compact disc, I have received a land-slide of great suggestions and insight. So far, the consensus has been that many users have ... successfully reported using ordinary house-hold cleaners, such as wood polishers (Pledge), Brasso (a metal polisher), and toothpaste (an abrasive tooth polisher) for small surface scratches. For deep scratches, by far the best recommendation I've received is to take the disc to a local DVD video or CD music rental store and have them repair it. These stores ... (view more)

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