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How to Build an External HD?

Infopackets Reader John R. writes: " Dear Dennis, I have a question regarding how to make a custom built external 2.5 inch USB hard drive (similar to the Western Digital My Passport drive). First, can you tell me: do external USB hard drives operate ... similar to 3.5 inch hard drives found in PCs? Also, are 2.5 inch hard drives just as reliable as the 3.5 inch desktop PC hard drives? Lastly, do you have any recommendations for external 2.5 inch hard drive enclosures? " My Response: For what it's worth, the Western Digital MyPasport hard drive is a solid unit (I own the 2TB model ), but it tends ... (view more)

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uTorrent: The Efficient Way to Download Large Files

Here are two questions Internet users commonly ask: " What is the best way to download very large files? ", and " What is the best way to distribute very large files? " The answer to both is a file transfer protocol called BitTorrent. A typical ... download is from a single website to your computer. BitTorrent allows you to connect to all the people currently downloading a large file, and get pieces of it from them. In other words, you are downloading from many places at once. This distributes the load so that no single computer is overloaded and it makes for very fast downloads. Most ... (view more)

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System LifeGuard v2.0 Review

Since writing this newsletter, I have come across a handful of noteworthy applications aimed at streamlining a Windows PC. Some of the programs I've reviewed are very particular in nature and focus primarily on one task, while others are ... multi-utility oriented. What is System LifeGuard v2.0? System LifeGuard v2.0 is a Swiss Army Knife of essential PC maintenance. Developed by NeoByte Solutions, System LifeGuard v2.0 includes a comprehensive collection of utilities designed to dramatically improve the performance of a Windows PC by safely removing junk files and folders and invalid System ... (view more)

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