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Put The Finishing Touches On Your Access 2007 Forms In Layout View

Access 2007's new Layout view allows you quickly add finishing touches to the design of your form. In the Layout view, you can add a form title, date and time field to the form's header. You can even add another field control and automatically ... readjust the tab order. Follow the steps below to make adjustments to your Access 2007 form: In the Navigation pane, double-click the form you want to change. On the Home tab, click the View icon and select Layout View. In the Controls group, click the Title command to add a title to the form header. If you wish to change the default title, click and ... (view more)

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Create and Use Newspaper Columns: MS Word

Although tables are used to present text that must remain in side-by-side columns, they would be clumsy to use when creating a newsletter. MS Word provides a different feature that lets you create "snaking" or newspaper-style columns, where the text ... flows down the page in a narrow column and then continues to the next column. To establish this multi-column format, you'd use the Columns button in Word. Newspaper-style columns are used whenever you have a lot of text to fit on a page, particularly a large page. If the pages were printed in long lines that ran the width of the page, ... (view more)

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Insert Page Breaks: MS Word

As documents grow longer and extend past one page, MS Word automatically calculates how much room is available and starts a new page when needed (keeping widows, orphans, and other text flow options in mind). MS Word also allows you to specify where ... to begin a new page by inserting a hard page break where you want one. Sometimes you only need a short page, such as a cover page, or perhaps you want to start a new part of the text on a new page. You wouldn't want to have to press Enter repeatedly, just to force Word to insert a page break. Instead, you want to control where page breaks occur. ... (view more)

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