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Google 'Inactive Account' Warning A Mistake

Google users have reported an unexpected message saying their account is about to be shut down. It looks like a phishing scam but appears to actually be a bug in Google systems. The reports came in a Google support thread that has now been deleted. ... More than 300 people "upvoted" the original posts, suggesting they had a similar experience. The users were confused as they received an email saying "Your Google Account will soon be considered inactive" and that if they didn't log in it would be classed as having not been used for 18 months. That was a major surprise to users ... (view more)

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How to Fix: Windows Cannot be Installed: the Selected Disk is GPT / MBR

Infopackets Reader Sarah H. writes: " Dear Dennis, A few days ago, my PC got stuck updating Windows 10 (for over 30 minutes), so I pulled the power cord out. After that, Windows wouldn't boot to the desktop. It would give me blue screen of death ... (BSOD), then reboot, then BSOD, ad infinitum. I knew it was stuck in a reboot loop, so I decided to install Windows 10 again. During the Windows 10 setup, it asks me to select where to install Windows. I selected the C drive, but I get an error message that says: ' Windows cannot be installed to this disk. The selected disk is of the GPT partition ... (view more)

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Monster.com Founder Finds Money in the Grave

People are not only organizing their lives online these days, but also their deaths and Monster.com founder Jeff Taylor wants a piece of the action. With partial backing from The Dow Jones Co., Taylor is banking on the idea that the funeral market ... needs a centralized location for people across the country and other parts of the globe to come together to share their grief. Called Tributes.com, the new site functions like a social network; users can create profiles and then post tributes via text, photos and video, receive customized email alerts, make a donation in someone's name, send flowers ... (view more)

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