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Report: Cyber Crime Lowest in Denmark, US Ranks #3

The United States is the third safest country for cyber crimes according to a newly-published study. However, the methodology means that might not reflect the actual risk to users. The figures come from Seon, a security company that specializes in ... automatically detecting online fraud. That makes the results (and the decision to publish them) a little surprising as such a company would have an obvious interest in suggesting cyber crime is a particularly big risk in larger, wealthier countries full of potential customers. Overall the results showed Denmark as the safest country, just ahead of ... (view more)

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Wikipedia Shuts Down in Protest of Anti-Piracy Bill

Several major websites, including Wikipedia.org, will shut down all day today (Wednesday, January 18th) to raise awareness about new legislation for a proposed anti-piracy bill. Wikipedia on its website says that the new bill, if passed, will ... "fatally damage the free and open Internet." (Source: wikipedia.org ) Anti-Piracy Bill Could Block Internet Connections The anti-piracy bill is now expected to face considerable delay or a serious makeover. The change comes after a flood of negative criticism from a huge array of websites, most notably saying there is no penalty for falsely ... (view more)

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Facebook Privacy Changes Under Attack

Even as Facebook constantly adjusts its privacy settings to make critics happy, privacy groups remain convinced that the site can do much more to protect the personal information of its many, many members. In a series of recent interviews, Facebook ... critics have launched new but familiar tirades against the site. Criticism of Facebook has been mounting over the past year. Privacy groups have sent a reported three letters to federal regulators claiming the site's executives are guilty of illegal activity -- including exposing user information to third parties without consent -- and they promise ... (view more)

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French Internet Piracy Law Ruled Unconstitutional

France's plan to cut off the Internet connections of digital pirates has been defanged by the country's highest constitutional body, who called the law unconstitutional. France's Constitutional Council reviews legislation that has been approved by ... Parliament before it goes into effect. The core portion of the controversial "three-strike" law could have created a new agency that, under the orders of copyright owners, would have the authority to order Internet service providers to shut down the accounts of copyright cheats who ignored two warnings to stop pirating. (Source: nytimes. ... (view more)

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P2P Crackdown: Spain Makes File-Sharing Illegal

It is a civil (and in some cases criminal) offense to file share over the Internet. And as of Tuesday, June 27th, this is reality for thousands of downloaders in Spain. Recently, the country's Congress passed legislation banning unauthorized ... peer-to-peer sharing of files. The difference between North American crackdowns and those in Spain lies in the aggressive nature of the Spanish legislation. It is a criminal offense for P2P (Peer to Peer) networks to allow downloading, and a civil offense for anyone to engage in this downloading, even for personal use. (Source: tmcnet.com ) Long History ... (view more)

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